May 8, 2014

Sweet Sweet Strawberry Picking

We went strawberry picking three times this season!
It is one of Rosie's favorite things to do. 
I adore watching her out in the beautiful strawberry fields as her sweet little hands grab and pull
then she eats and eats and eats the strawberries. 
She takes little breaks while sitting on the strawberry row, 
she plays in the dirt, she then eats some more. 
She could stay out there forever, and I could watch her forever.

These two little trouble makers in the strawberry patch.

These couldn't be better. Exactly describes her personality while out in the strawberry patch.
She is just charming. She literally closes her eyes with every juicy bite, 
as she shakes her head around and around saying "mmmmmmm delicious, mmmmmmmmmmmm"
Both times we went strawberry picking with our friends, Rosie and I were the last to leave. 
She wanted to keep picking and eating and I didn't mind one bit. 
It is so peaceful out there in those never ending green rows of berries, blue skies, and sunshine. 
I cherish these moments we have together just the two of us. 
As we stood out there in the warm sun, I looked around and could not quite believe where we were.
It was one of those short times where you actually feel the moment. I felt like it was so quiet, still, and slow. I just thought "this is crazy, I am in a place, two years ago I never even knew existed, far away from all that I know, somewhere I never imagined living, but being here with my Rosie girl is so perfect. As crazy and unimaginable as it may seem, it's perfect if I am with her. "
I will always remember those moments out in the strawberry fields, oh and the sweet smell too!

p.s. Here is a delicious and easy recipe for frozen strawberry limeade concentrate.
You can make these little ice cubes of deliciousness,
then pop them in your water for a tasty drink all summer long. 


  1. So fun! Beautiful pictures