March 29, 2017

Owlet Smart Sock 2

So, I have to start off this blog post with a little preface, I am totally one of those moms who literally hovers over her new baby as they sleep for those first few weeks, (ok months, ok maybe years ha ha ha!) 
Anyways, like many parents, I always worry while my babies sleep at night. I end up losing sleep myself. While those sweet little babies are finally sleeping, I couldn't quite get the right sleep myself. 

I heard about the owlet smart sock after my second baby, and I couldn't believe what an awesome idea it was. This time around, with baby Johnny, we've had the owlet smart sock 2, and it's been a complete game changer! Comfort, peace of mind, and sleep, what a difference it has made for us.

This sock is designed to notify you if your baby's heart rate or oxygen fall outside the preset zones. It fits so easily and comfortable on either the right or left foot.
The app has been enhanced and updated, making it extremely user-friendly, and the Bluetooth range is now able to reach up to 100 feet between the smart sock and the owlet base station.

I was worried we might be dealing with false notifications often, but we have actually only had the notification one time and it was accurate. That made me feel so relieved.

I have to say, I knew this was a going to be a great product before I even tried it, but it has exceeded my expectations and brought a peace of mind that I really couldn't have known. }

Owlet provided me an Owlet Smart Sock 2 to facilitate this review. All opinions (and much needed peace of mind) are my own.

February 8, 2017

Valentine's Day Party

My little Valentine ladies and I got to celebrate Valentines day a little bit early this year with some other mommy friends and their little ones. The girls had a blast at this darling party, and I definitely did too. Any time I can watch these two enjoy life is a wonderful time for me. 

Whether it is at home, the car, the store, in the tub, you name it.... these two are dancing!
It's one of our favorite things to do together, and I hope that never changes. 
They will always keep me on my toes.

It is always a treat to be able to hang out with other moms. There's just something about talking with those who are in similar phases of life and the depths of raising little ones that just brings out all the smiles, sometimes tears, but always laughter. You should have seen how long it took us to get a few photos without at least one little babe climbing on us or running into the scene. ha ha!
                                                   (All of our dresses are from Shop Pink Blush)

When I was holding this heart cookie for the photo, I immediately placed it in front of my belly. 
We all started to laugh and of course made an entire little scene about it. 
This little boy sure is loved already.

                                                    Can't wait to meet this little guy.

                                Little cuties with the paper flowers after we were cleaning up the party.

   This had to be the cutest Valentine Party ever!
I just love a good reason to celebrate using pink and all things pretty!

I had thoughts of making really yummy drinks in beautiful colors and then I reminded myself that the kids really don't care about the yummy drinks, they like anything sweet, lol! So I found all the pretty colors of gatorade and poured them into these bottles- voila' easy peasy and so pretty.

Would you believe me if I told you all these flowers were paper flowers? They are. They are so incredible. I can't even believe people are this talented.  They are from 'The Lovely Ave '

Craft time. My Rosie girl could focus on a craft for hours, no joke. 
She is such a little creative bug and I just love it. 
She was working on her valentine for about 30 minutes after all the kids had long been gone.

Rosie's dress is from Vivis Jewels, and her favorite gold mary janes are from Fox Paws.
Wynn's sweetest pinafore is from Wren & James .
Hope you all have a very wonderful week of love.

November 16, 2016

The importance of sending snail mail, with Pixinote

Since we have lived in many places, we have left little pieces of our hearts there, in the people we met and so deeply loved. It's so good to be home and close by family, but those sweet  friends across the country are dearly missed. We recently discovered Pixinote. It is an easy to use app, allowing you to send good old fashioned snail mail. For $2.50 you choose a photo right from your phone, add a message, address, and it's sent for you. 
No trouble, no post office trips, etc. 
There's really something about opening mail that is just special. It's so personal, thoughtful, and heart warming. It makes me think about my Grandma and how she would mail us cards/letters  for every Holiday, even if we were spending that holiday with her, we would still always get a card in the mail. It was the best feeling. 
Hoping our friends smile when they receive these cute cards!

October 20, 2016

Best of Books for Babies and Children : The Little Gardener

I decided to start a new series here on the blog and Instagram; Blakely's Best of Books for Babes and Children. Lately I've been allowing my girls to watch more t.v. /movies more than usual, not that I really want to, but mostly out of nausea and pregnancy desperation ha! Along with the increase in show and electronics, I've seen an increase in anxious, bored, and a bit naughty, learned behavior. Whether or not its the actual content of the shows or just the lack of engagement and activity, I can tell its just TOO MUCH! As a parent you just know, you know the limits.  I'm not by any means giving parenting advice nor judging anyone regarding how much T.V. time you allow your kids (heaven knows I'm guilty of using those screens as babysitters) I'm just sharing my recent realization and in a sense putting into words my goals to replace t.v. time with books. I'm a definite believer in writing down goals, I HAVE to!  So here's to more memories of story time, the soaring of beautiful little imaginations, and life lessons to be remembered.

Now, onto the book for this week.

The Little Gardener
Emily Hughes

The tender story of persistence, hard work, and believing in what you are pouring your heart into.
It's a parable of purpose. At times it brings tears to my eyes while reading.
It conveys that no matter how small something or someone might be, you can influence and impact others, you have purpose and mean the world to someone.

"It is the assurance for anyone who has ever undertaken a labor of love against seemingly insurmountable odds and persevered through hardship, continuing to nourish that labor until the love emanates out, becomes contagious, and draws in kindred spirits as a centripetal force of shared purpose and enthusiasm.

You can find this book here on Amazon of course
and if you're local to SLC (I love to support a good old bookstore) The Kings English carries it as well.

September 21, 2016

Fall Chambray + clogs

Signs of fall are showing everywhere, and today is the last full day of summer! Waaaah!
I always hate to see summer go, but, the beauty of fall just can't be beat. 
The next few posts I put together a few pieces I've worn all summer with some fall touches. 
I love the idea of wearing what you already have, and just tweaking it a bit/adding a fall piece to change the look and make it appropriate for that next season.

This big initial necklace has been a favorite of mine and of course can be worn year round. 
I got lucky when I married and got the same initial as my first name "B" it's fun to represent both. 

So this top from Nest Boutique is the perfect fall chambray. 
It's unique, not your typical chambray. 
The long sleeves are perfect for a fall look and it's light weight so it's not too hot for this weather.

 So, these comfiest motto leggings from Love Winnie James have been my staple.
I wore them this spring, and summer, and now fall! They work great for all seasons.
Of course the clogs! I am a sucker for clogs! I remember when my Mom bought me clogs as a little girl, I never wanted to take them off. They were even shiny, patent leather, so fancy!

September 14, 2016

Seasons of life, with cabana life

Summer will forever be my favorite season. I'm such a warm weather girl. The sunshine and warm salt water just speak to my heart and soothe my soul. The years we spent living in Florida (the land of the endless summer is what they call it) just made my sunshine chasing self even more of a summer girl. It was perfection, we still we able to celebrate all the seasons, holidays, etc. Christmas in shorts and 75 degree weather, potted poinsettias donning all the porches, palm trees strung with christmas lights, beach days making "sandmen" instead of snowmen. It was pretty amazing. I got used to it and thoroughly loved it. However, there were (short) times I would miss the changes of the seasons. The turning of the leaves, beautiful Autumn colors, crisp cool mornings, and the smell of fresh snow on the ground. I did miss those aspects. I've been thinking a lot lately about seasons. Seasons of life as well. We are all in different seasons of life. Each season has its beauty, charm, and happiness, as each season also has its challenges, heartache, and discomfort. Although it would be nice to be able to stay comfortably in our favorite season, we can't. One thing we know is a constant in life is change. seasons change and continue to change. I have really been trying to LIVE this season of life I am in. Whether it's warm and sunny, full of palm trees and sparkling sea water every day, or cold and sometimes dark, living in the moment is something we will never regret. Last night I had to speak for a few minutes to a group of women at our church, I talked about seasons of life and the one thing I wanted to make sure to impress upon anyone listening was that no matter what season of life we might be in, we can find some joy. Don't focus on the many things you can't do in that particular season of life, instead focus on what you CAN do. Helping others, serving, free time, travel, hobbies, taking care of others, career, etc. Think about the many opportunities you have to make a difference and the ways that you can in your current season.

I love these photos of my and my girls because they so accurately show the season of life we are in right now. (Besides the piles of laundry, dirty dishes, and toys spread throughout the house)
We're exploring, we're growing, we're learning. We are always trying harder to be better, somedays it is easier than others. We love to play and giggle, run and laugh. We aren't perfect, but we are doing our best, and LIVING life, trying to soak up every single moment, because we all know these little ones wont be little much longer.

 These darling scalloped rash guards are from Cabana Life. I'm such a sucker for matching anything!
I especially love when they have some Mommy and Me Matchy Match!! 
These are so darling, yet so functional. 
Perfect for the little chillier nights, 
or a sunny day at the beach to protect those little arms from the sun.
The scallops! I just can't handle how cute they are. 

These softest ever, and beautiful, handwoven towels are from My havlu.