August 17, 2016

Unicorn Party! (Unicorn dance party, that is)

Rosie requested a "Unicorn Dance Party" for her fourth Birthday!
I had to smile because she's totally my kind of girl, any party should have "dance party" added to the end of it right? It was a lot of fun planning this party because she had opinions on things and she was so into helping me pick everything out. It was exactly what her colorful, sparkly, dreams had dreamt. 

 Our signature pose together 

  This unicorn bark was so easy to make, Rosie picked out all the colors and sprinkles. 

All these cute unicorn details, picks, banners, etc. are from Meri Meri. 
The cutest, most magical party decorations. 

 I usually make the cakes for my girls, but I knew it wasn't going to work out with the timing this time, so I had the cake made by Granite Bakery. They frosted it so perfectly and then Rosie and I poured on the glitter sugar and fluffed up a few pieces of cotton candy with the flowers and unicorns.
It turned out so fun!
 I made these "unicorn horn" crescent rolls, super easy and the kids loved them.
 The pixie dust was one of the hits of the party along with this list I found on pinterest where it finds your "unicorn name" and the girls literally listened so intently, each giggling and smiling as we poured the dust on their head as they received their unicorn names. 

 Birthday girl with her unicorn horn

 The unicorn dance party!!!

 It was pretty magical when we had a real unicorn show up!!
Dolly, was her name. 
Each of the girls got a chance to ride. It was such a fun sight to see walking through our backyard ha!

 Pin the horn on the unicorn. 
I also found this on pinterest, but I was in too big of a hurry to get it printed, sooooooo luckily my husband has much better art skills than I do, and he quickly drew this unicorn for me!
we used these easy expressions Vinyl sheets and cut out the horns. 

June 29, 2016

Our little mover + Huggies Diapers

If I've learned one thing with our second child, it's "let it go". Wait! Not what you're thinking, it's not in a bad way. I mean let it go, as in allowing the baby/child to be his or her self.
 (Obviously safety comes first, so I'm not saying to let go of all)
 but, rather let them be 'little movers'
explore, run, scream. laugh, jump, be stubborn, independent, etc.
 Even when it's not the most convenient for you as a parent. 
I have realized how much these little ones need to be their own self.
 They need to learn and grow and sometimes that takes a lot from us parents. 
I finally captured my little one for more than a few seconds. 
She was exhausted from being at the pool all day!
 And...... she couldn't stay and snuggle for long, shes already on the go!

 Our little one is constantly on the go, go, go. She can't hold still for more than a few minutes.
Running, climbing, jumping, falling, she just doesn't stop. She's so independent right now too.
At first it was a bit hard for me to get used to. I tried to stop her, slow her down, etc.
My first was so opposite, so this was all new to me. I realized how uniquely different each child is, and how different we must parent.
I started to allow her to be more adventurous (even if it gave me heart attacks, ha ha!)
Rather than get frustrated with her, or embarrassed about how loud she was or how busy she was in public, I started to praise her and encourage her to explore, but be careful at the same time.
It's not easy, its still a struggle, but it's so much better, and we are all happy.

Thanks to Huggies for sponsoring this post.
I can't get my little wiggle worm to hold still even long enough to change her diaper. It's never easy. These Huggies Little Movers have been perfect for our girl.

Only Huggies® diapers have a stretchy SnugFit Waistband to help our diapers stay in place like no other diaper. The unique contoured shape provides a comfortable fit and stays in place as babies move and play.

Now even more absorbent with new and improved LEAK LOCK®—the protection and security you both need between changes.
DryTouch® liner. Part of the new Moving Baby System*, the new DryTouch® liner absorbs on contact, so your baby stays dry throughout all of their little adventures.

Right now Sams Club is offering $3.00 off  These Huggies Little Movers, and the pack also has a bonus +16 diapers. Win, win!!

Don't forget to enter the Sams Club Sweepstakes for $500 gift card!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Head to the link above for details. All you have to do is post a photo of your baby's moves!


Two-tti Fruitti Birthday Party.. Second Birthday

Our Wynnie girl turned two a few weeks ago.
For the longest time, when I asked her what she wanted on her cake she would answer "strawberries, and cookies". ha ha! So, I went with the strawberries and created a fun little "Two-tti Fruitti" party.

Like always, I had some last mintue ideas... 
I was threading these lemon and lime slices onto fishing wire right before the party.
They turned out super cute, and super easy. 

The Birthday girl and her pup, trying to get a bite of that cake of course!

 It was a great family party, so much fun with all these cousins. 
Bobbing for apples was a hit. 

She knows whats up. Digging right into her presents!

 The pinata was also a hit! All the kids loved it, and the adults even got really into it too. 
(Zurchers party store has so many darling pinatas)

 This face just kills me. Cutest EVER!!!

 I made Wynnie a fun little cake to decorate, chocolate with whipped cream/buttercream mix frosting. I alway love making my family thir own cakes. I'm no pro, but I love to do it. 
I can't get over these cute little sonny angel dolls. I had to put it on her cake. 
We also LOVE the chantilly cake (below) from Whole Foods. Warning! You will want to eat it all!
Its unreal.

 I made these super easy little fruit tarts. 
You can buy the mini crusts already made,
 just fill with a cream cheese, powdered sugar, and lemon mixture, top with fruit and voila!

June 10, 2016

Friday Favorites- Rad Swim + NYX butter gloss

I love this new suit from Rad Swim. 

It's the perfect combination of delicate and fun. It's comfy and of course so "swim able" because we all know there's no more going to the pool and not swimming once you have kids! 

Another favorite lately, is this  NYX butter gloss  . It's so great! Lip gloss but it's not sticky and thick. It's shiny enough but doesn't look like you're trying to feels nice and buttery, just perfect. I'm loving eclair and peaches and cream. The dark intense colors are fun for a pop too! 

April 29, 2016

Casual sporty with Brickyard Buffalo

More and more I find myself at the end of the day still in my sweats or pajamas. For more reasons than one. Some days we don't make it out of the house, so why get dressed? Some days we are in a hurry to get to danc
e class, or run errands, and I run out of the house without getting dressed (well not nude, but dressed as in changing out of pj's). Either way, I am constantly looking for comfy yet cute clothes I can wear around the house and lounge in, yet throw on some shoes and a little lipstick and feel good going out and about. (Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get my teeth brushed before leaving)

I've been living in these Albion Fit Jetsetter pants.
They are so light weight, perfect fit, with a little bit higher waist, and zipper bottoms.
They're super comfy, but they look nice. I usually wear them with a soft t-shirt and sneakers, but I also can't wait to dress them up a bit. They're the best.

I'm a sucker for black and white. Always. Always. I can't ever get enough.
This Addie baseball tee from Brickyard Buffalo is a new favorite. Soft as can be, and cute with pretty much any bottoms. Plus, I love Brickyard Buffalo for finding unique weekly deals.

While in Arizona, shopping with my husband (a total shoe ADDICT, especially sneakers)  he talked me into these Nike shoes, and I am glad he did. I just wasn't sold on the shiny shiny, but he said "you HAVE to get those, they're the coolest" so I guess I had to.... I have to say, I've been wearing them more than I thought I would.

There ya have it, one comfy-casual outfit post.
Enjoy your weekend.


April 27, 2016

Ele Story girls dresses

A few months ago I discovered the darling children's brand Ele Story.
I am so inspired by women who follow their dreams and pursuit business while using their amazing talents. This company is so wonderful.
I loved reading Judy's story on their site. She talks about her mother being her biggest cheerleader in life. I love to read about this because it inspires me to be the best cheerleader for my girls.
It inspires me to inspire them. My girls wore these dresses for Easter this year, and they were so thrilled to be spinning around twirling them. We love them. The quality is fantastic and the styles are so darling, yet so unique. The little flutter sleeves just get me!!
Check them out, you will love all the designs.