December 14, 2015

Skin care routine

 I finally found the perfect combination of products for my skin. It only took me ten years!  I never knew I would have to worry about pimples, oil etc. as an adult! With moving around to different climates, my skin was constantly changing. Humidity, dry air, dirty NYC (when I washed my face at night and literally had black on my towel) to Florida when I would walk outside for ten minutes and my face would be dripping wet, to Utah where the heaters are turned on so high in every car and house, my skin started to flake and dry up. I constantly tried to keep up and my skin wasn't too clear. 

Four years ago I started using the clarisonic brush on my face. It changed my skin SIGNIFICANTLY! I've had the same clarisonic (change out the brush of course) for four years and it still works great. It cleared up a lot of my acne. I noticed a difference in just a few weeks
It's sooo amazing. 

Enter in Cerave'- this is the most gentle, amazing skin care line I've found. Even compared to high end department store face washes and lotions. This is top notch! This wash and lotion have helped my skin more than anything!!!! I can't recommend Cerave enough! The lotion is so amazing and does not make my skin oily which is what I had troubles with, dry- oily skin such an oxymoron right?!

With the clarisonic and Cerave' my skin was better than it's ever looked, but I still had these tiny little bumps along my hairline on the sides of my face and chin. They were teeny tiny but so irritating. I read about the Nutrogena stress relief wash and decided to try it. That was the last item to complete my skin care routine. Bumps gone!! 

So here's what I do.

I usually only wash my face at night because my skin gets too dry if I do morning also. 

-wash with the clarisonic brush and Cerave wash every other day.
- wash with the Nutrogena acne stress control every other day. 
- After washing use Cerave' facial moisturizing lotion every day. 

Checkout my giveaway on Instagram. I'm giving away a clarisonic Mia brush!! 


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