November 28, 2014

Scripture advent on tree branch

I have been trying to come up with an advent calendar for the girls involving scriptures and fun little trinkets too. I looked over a bunch and took ideas from all of them to create this fun scripture advent. The daily scriptures are short (the attention span of a two year old) but very sweet and of course tell the story of our Savior and his birth. I remember how much fun it was as a child to pull a special ornament/trinket out of our wooden advent calendar. It was so special and I looked forward to it every year. I can't wait to create those same memories for my girls. 

For these little treats/trinkets I truly gathered half of them through my random craft stash, gift boxes,etc.
I purchased a few of the items and the treats, then used music sheets and paper grocery bags to wrap them up. Rosie and I found the perfect tree branch while on a walk last week and it sprayed it gold of course! I love how it turned out. 

Here are the scriptures with ideas for items representing each verse. 

Dec.1- Luke 1:26-27 ( small angel wings, paper wings, I made my daughter gold paper wings for her doll) 

Dec. 2 - Matthew 1:18 (ring, or ring pop) talking about engaged, Joseph & Mary. 

Dec. 3- Luke 1:46-53 { these are  short verses} Mary's song (music box, any musical instrument, target dollar spot has the cutest little wooden bells right now, sheet music, iTunes card etc) 

Dec. 4- Matthew 1:20- (white angel, anything white, or little trinkets representing dreams) 

Dec.5- Matthew 1:21 (cross, or anything with a world/globe representing the SAVIOR of the world) 

Dec.6- Matthew 1:22-23 (bridge or string, representing Jesse bridging the gap between heaven and earth.)

Dec.7- Luke 2:4 ( house of David- line of lineage 

Dec.8- Luke 2:5 (horse, pony, donkey) 

Dec.9- micah 5:2 (Lion toy- representing Judah or purple stickers, jewels etc. Representing royalty) 

Dec.10- Luke 2:6-7 (baby, anything representing baby Jesus)

Dec.11- Luke 2:7 ( soft cloth, blanket, scarf, cute Kleenex, etc. "Wrap/swaddling") 

Dec.12- Isaiah 9:6 (peace sign anything, prince of peace)

Dec.13- Luke 2:8-11 (sheep, finger puppet, shepherds hook candy cane)

Dec.14- Luke 2:12 ( hay or straw, thin licorice could be straw)

Dec.15- Luke 2:13-14 (bag of small gold rings, halos- the small oranges, representing multitude of angels) 

Dec.16- Luke 2:15-18 (bells, or anything representing spreading the word) 

Dec.17-psalm 95:6 ( pretzels for arms folded or pretty rocks/sand play dough for kneeling on the ground in prayer) 

Dec.18-Luke 2:19-20 , 33-35 (anything with a heart, heart candy, ornament, representing Mary's heart/emotions) 

Dec.19- Luke 2:21 (the name Jesus,)

Dec.20- Luke 2:22-24 (feathers, doves, dove chocolate, anything bird related) 

Dec.21- Luke 2:25-32 (mr. Potatoe head, eyes, glasses, small toy kaliedescope anything representing  revelation of Jesus as Christ the savior to Simeon and all the people )

Dec.22- Matthew 2:1( little note to child rolled up like a scroll, small book, representing the wisdom of the magi) 

Dec.23- Matthew 2:1-2 crown, necklace, representing Jesus being the king of all kings 

Dec.24- Matthew 2:9-10 (star- anything star to represent following the star. Glow in the dark ceiling stars) 

Dec.25- Matthew 2:11 ( three small boxes or bags representing the three gifts of the magi- gold, etc. )