March 29, 2017

Owlet Smart Sock 2

So, I have to start off this blog post with a little preface, I am totally one of those moms who literally hovers over her new baby as they sleep for those first few weeks, (ok months, ok maybe years ha ha ha!) 
Anyways, like many parents, I always worry while my babies sleep at night. I end up losing sleep myself. While those sweet little babies are finally sleeping, I couldn't quite get the right sleep myself. 

I heard about the owlet smart sock after my second baby, and I couldn't believe what an awesome idea it was. This time around, with baby Johnny, we've had the owlet smart sock 2, and it's been a complete game changer! Comfort, peace of mind, and sleep, what a difference it has made for us.

This sock is designed to notify you if your baby's heart rate or oxygen fall outside the preset zones. It fits so easily and comfortable on either the right or left foot.
The app has been enhanced and updated, making it extremely user-friendly, and the Bluetooth range is now able to reach up to 100 feet between the smart sock and the owlet base station.

I was worried we might be dealing with false notifications often, but we have actually only had the notification one time and it was accurate. That made me feel so relieved.

I have to say, I knew this was a going to be a great product before I even tried it, but it has exceeded my expectations and brought a peace of mind that I really couldn't have known. }

Owlet provided me an Owlet Smart Sock 2 to facilitate this review. All opinions (and much needed peace of mind) are my own.

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