March 9, 2010

First Time!

So, this is my first time posting. I figured since I am a total blog stalker............
I might as well start blogging myself. I plan to share my thoughts, simple life lessons, learning, insights, journal (don't worry it won't be TMI) and of course, whatever else I feel like blogging about.

Here I go.....

Over the Valentines weekend we took a trip to Las Vegas, my FAV place! Sometimes I wonder why I like it so much? Then I get there and I know exactly why....

People watching, it is such quality entertainment.
Family, just the best!!

Dancing, even if it is grooving to a dreadful cover band, still love it...
The sunshine, it just does something for me!
The shows, I must say that Barry Manilow is still my
top pick.
The food, John and I looooove buffets. "SICK" is probably what you are saying to yourself, but we think they are oh so delicious!!!!
The glitter, everything is bedazzled and shiny..... ghetto, but great!

Here's a few pictures from our fun trip with Abbs and Jeff.