April 13, 2010

Girls Trip

Girls Trip 2010
Not too long ago, we took a girls trip down to St. George! We had quite the rockin' group!!My Mom, Sister-in-law, Aunts, Cousins, Grandma Mary, and my Poppy (He said he was there to keep all of us women "under control")

I love this kind of trip. The trip where we all drive down together and chat the entire way.

The kind of trip where we go to bed talking... and talking... talking.... sometimes all on one bed together, laughing, sometimes talking from different bedrooms across the hallway. Waking up to the sound of TALKING...... chatting....... the smell of JackSpratt toast coming out of the toaster. THE BEST toast (only because my grandma knows how to make it perfectly). Just the right amount of toastedness, with about half a cube of butter melted, stacked right on top of one another, so both sides are buttery mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... delicious!!!

I can still smell it now! Ever since I can remember waking up at my grandparents condo in St. George, I see everyone gathered around for breakfast, newspapers out, my Grandma and Poppy making sure everyone gets enough yummy food, laughter, and simpleness in the air. Beautiful!

There is just something about spending quality time with women you love! I love and admire all of these women so very much.

My cute sister in law and Mom

Mary and I, catching some rays
We did a lot of shopping...... laughing.... movies..... eating..... laying in the sunshine....singing (There's nothing like a car full of women, YoUng and OlD, singing to Hannah Montana!)
Josie and Lizzie, singing in the car.... quality music!!

Mom and Aunt Dana

This was such a special weekend. So many memories I will hold close to my heart forever! I love you women.