January 3, 2011

Tender Mercies

Apartment hunting in NYC is not exactly a "fun" experience. The word experience doesn't quite do it justice either. To say the least, we feel so very grateful for family and friends who pray for us daily. For their love and constant reminders. We are thankful for the strangers we met at church on Sunday- not strangers anymore, due to their genuine, welcoming, and loving concern. 
People are good. Life is good.

Dearest friends were married, new friends were made, something that was lost was found, and all is well.  We have a warm and safe place to live (teeny tiny) warm and safe place to live, and it's wonderful. Thankful for those simple, tender mercies.
Can't wait to recall my experiences from the past five days, and how one thing led to another, to another, but I am soaking up the next 24 hours I have to spend with Johnny before he starts his new job at MSG.
Wish me luck getting used to this crazy city!!!


  1. I hope you'll post more about your adventures in NYC. I've always wanted to live there, for just a little bit. I'm so glad that you were able to find a tiny apartment. How long are you staying? We're hoping to vacation there sometime this year and would love to catch up. Btw, your friend's photographer is in my parents ward. Small world. :) Hugs!

  2. Danny and I were so glad to get to know you both over our trip! You are wonderful people! I am excited for your upcoming adventures in the city! I am relieved you have a place to call home :) I hope we can catch up soon! xo

  3. Likewise! We had the best time with you two. Thanks for your message, I am really relieved too ha ha! Stay in touch!