May 18, 2011

Abbs in the Apple

Abbs came to the Big Apple to visit for spring break. It was definitely a party!
We walked and walked and walked all over the place. Don't these Apple shades rock?!

Grimaldi's pizza. Our favorite pizza in New York, by far!! Luckily it is located in Brooklyn or else we would be there every other night. John and I could eat pizza every day.
We had to visit the American Girl store. Abbie and I seriously played American Girl Dolls until we were in Junior High. I remember loving the fact that we both still loved our dolls, and nobody at school needed to know ha ha! Christmas mornings as little girls, we would run across the cold snowy street in our jammies, new dolls in tote, meet in the middle and jump with excitement.

Brooklyn Bridge.

Battery Park. The sun finally came out for the first time in weeks, so we sat down on a bench right near the Hudson River and soaked it in. The warmth was much needed.

I can't get enough of these nuts here. They are so tasty. Honey roasted, warm and crunchy. Pretty sure I buy a bag of these every day.

Knicks game

Chicago! What a hilarious night. Right when we sat down, we hear this woman in front of us trying to get the attention of the usher. "Mam, can I please move seats, do you have any open seats, I really need to move". "No", the usher says, "It's a full house tonight, why do you need to move?" "This man next to me smells terrible, I can't possibly make it through the entire play."
Here's the best part, the usher says "Well what does he smell like?" WHAT? ha ha, why did she want to know? At this point, Abbie and I were trying so hard not to laugh out loud, then the girl dramatically replies "he smells like stinky feet and death". Ha ha ha. Wow! We were dying, full on laughing out loud. Quality entertainment before the show even started. (and no, she didn't get to move seats ha ha)

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