August 20, 2011

Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes

Newport Beach: Favorite place on earth!

Hanging out on the beach, and wandering the streets lined with uniquely charming beach houses like this one.

Running in the water, digging in the sand. Relaxing in the sunshine.

We met a 'real pirate'. As I watched Kimball's face as Captain Jack Sparrow told him all about his ship, Jolley Roger flag and all, the treasures he has seen, and the treasures he so proudly pilaged, I saw the magic of imagination light up his little face. How marvelous it is to have such imagination and belief, if we could all be like these little ones.

Nightly Donut shop visits.
I have said this before, but there's really not a better donut in the world. I am willing to challenge anyone. There's also not a cooler "donut man" in the world than Peter. He's the most genuine, happy, full of life person you'll ever meet. He is happiest to be living by the sea making donuts and meeting new friends. We are lucky to have such a special friend.

Helping make the donuts, and then helping eat them (while riding a bike) ha!

Sharing donuts with Bumpa, and our early morning donut delivery. The box of buttermilk donuts is seriously two times the size of his head, even with the helmet on ha!

Early morning stock up on donuts. Donuts riding safely in the most perfect place; my bike basket

A beautiful breakfast at the Beachcomber, Crystal Cove.

Yummy crab eggs benedict on the beach.

We slowly strolled along the calm beach as we dipped our feet in the tide pools.
What a wonder the sea is. So beautiful, so repetitive, and so full of life.

This cutest historical Crystal Cove beach house. The most soothing, aqua color with a touch of turquoise, I fell in love with this little house (and my skirt matched it too)

Shopping at the Shell store.

Trying something new this trip. Paddle boarding in the bay.
The most picturesque paddle boarding one could imagine.

We all tried it. Even Kimball went gliding across the bay, holding tight as he grinned.

Sunset on the Balboa pier.
The scene was stunning as always.

Balboa Ferry to the island.

Enjoying Hippo cookies, and none other than Balboa Bars of course!!

Riding bikes along the beach has always been a simple yet favorite family activity.
This year it was more appreciated than ever. Kimball finally got to ride his own bike to Balboa Island, the Wedge, Seaside donuts, and the pier, making it the most exciting bike riding so far!
Those little legs probably rode about 6 miles a day, or more. It was such a delight for all of us to ride along the boardwalk as he rang his bell and shouted wooo hoooo.

Boogie boarding and beachin' it.

Crab Cooker for dinner.
Dad and I spent quite some time at the taffy counter, picking out all our favorite flavors.
Salt Water taffy from the Crab Cooker, doesn't get any better.

I have never been a fan of seafood (of any kind).
Every year I would head to the Old Spaghetti factory next door and pick up my cheesy pasta while the others had their favorite dinner at Crab Cooker.
I was extra brave this year. I decided to try something new.
Halibut. It was divine. I loved it, and will now be looking forward to the Crab Cooker dinner with the rest of the gang.

Visit to the Newport Temple.
A beautiful pink color, Spanish architectural style with a backdrop of palm trees swaying.

"Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes" rings true for us.
There's just something about the beach that soothes, strengthens, and inspires.
Another wonderful trip to the beach. Every year I look forward to this trip more than anything.
It seems to just keep getting better and better.
So grateful for special time with my family. I treasure the memories we make at the beach.
I am also so grateful for such a beautiful place to call home for one week each year.
My favorite week for sure.


  1. Oh, Blakely! You made my day with your beach post! First day back at school and I came home just feeling kind of down, but I feel much better now after reading and sharing in the joy of a family vacation to the beach! Your pictures are great! It looks like you all had a wonderful time!

    I'm so glad you could all have that time at the beach together! It just doesn't get much better than that!

    Love you!


  2. Linda, I never like the first day back at school. Ahhhh going back isn't fun. They sure are LUCKY to have you though!!You are right though, it's fun to remember sharing the joy of a family vacation. I hope you are all doing well. Miss you guys and can't wait to get together again when I am home sometime. Tell everyone hello. Love you