October 26, 2011

All about Eloise

It has been over a month since we got this precious little nugget, and I am finally finding time to write about her. I swear it's almost a full time job this puppy business..... potty training a puppy in Manhattan YIKES!! So much work, but so worth it. Eloise owns this whole neighborhood, and she knows it! She has everyone wrapped around her little finger paw. From the flower shop owner cutting her a fresh stick daily, the five doormen on Park Avenue saving treats for her visits, to our sweet neighbor Bill posting her picture to his twitter account ha ha! The whole neighborhood is in love. We are a bit obsessed if you can't tell already (Especially John). When he spent one whole Saturday afternoon making Eloise her very own pearl necklace (adjustable with growth and all) and a bedazzled plaid Holiday collar, I knew he was really in love. I remind him everyday that he never handmade me a  pearl necklace..... maybe someday.

Three days after we got Eloise,we left for John's work trip to Connecticut.
We had to sneak her into the  MGM GRAND

It was hilarious. John checked us into our room while Eloise and I hid in the lobby bathroom stall.
We shoved her into my purse as the Hotel Coordinator gave us the whole tour/talk etc. She kept poking her head out, totally frustrated and ticked off. It was a crazy adventure! I had to laugh that John's foot is the same size as our puppy! 
(p.s. Isn't that carpet terribly hideous. They need to change that........ good thing Eloise is so cute!)


Eloise visits Times Square.
Running the halls of Madison Square Garden
Eloise attended Fashion Week NYC and met Betsy Johnson (who couldn't stop squeezing the pup )


Could that face be any cuter? 
I think not.


  1. that dog is ADORABLE! and, i don't even like dogs! ;) you look great, and i hope new york is treating you well! xo

  2. Aw, how sweet! What kind of dog is she? I LOVE that her name is Eloise, such a NYC name. :)

  3. Oh so cute! I hope Cooper isn't jealous? Perhaps when they meet they can become BFF's. :)

  4. You're dog is precious! P.S. I miss you!