November 15, 2011

80! Lovely Lady

Grandma Mary celebrated her 80th Birthday yesterday.
My what a fabulous lady!  

My Poppy answered the phone when I called. He said "You want to talk to your Grandma? Your 80-year old Grandma. I never thought I'd be living with an 80 year-old lady, but..... I think I'll keep her. She's a dandy."

I agree Poppy. She is a dandy.

As I listened to her enthusiastic voice say,
"Oh it was a beautiful day, sunshine, a lot of phone calls, just a wonderful Birthday.
Feels like a 25th birthday not an 80th."
My eyes filled up with tears of happiness as I replied "you sure don't seem like you are 80 Grandma.
I'm glad it was such a good day."
What a constant example of happiness and positive attitude.
She teaches me more than she'll ever know. She is just happy. Nothing gets in her way, nothing.

 I'm so grateful for modern day technology and the fact that we could 'face-time' chat 
 during her celebration. You better believe I wasn't going to miss that party!
At first she held the i-pad so close to herself all I could see was her hand on the screen.
I had to laugh and also smile because it was her. I was able to see her and laugh with her all the way from N.Y.  
As we started to end our conversation, my Poppy chimed in " We sure do miss your smiley face. Everyday can't help but think where's our sweetheart today, what is she doing in that city."
My eyes teared up again (happy tears) of course. 
I was once more reminded of how grateful I am to have them in my life.
I cherish these little moments; these simple reminders.
Oh how I love those two!

Happy Birthday Grandma Mary!


  1. Grandma Mary is a beautiful and amazing lady! She still looks just like she did when I first met her some 30 years ago! And, I know that she and Poppy love you dearly!!! Love you, Blakely!

  2. She really is! So lucky to have two wonderful Grandmothers! Love you too.