July 4, 2012

Another update

The past month has gone by so quickly. I am grateful to be home in the great salty city,
surrounded by the beautiful outdoors and such wonderful family & friends.
I love being able to at least keep a bit of a photo album or 'journal-ish' book, with the pics on my phone.

Eloise sporting her new life-jacket.
She was super thrilled about it....

Garden Shopping with Mama.
I hope to someday be half the gardener she is.

These two. Just love them.

Over-nighter in Park City. Kimball packed his own bag. Teddy tied to the back and all.

Celebrating Charlotte's Birthday.

The many faces of Eloise. So obsessed with her.

Cutest sleeper!

Kindergarten graduation of course!

John making his salsa. His newest obsession.

Memorial Day in Midway/Heber. So beautiful. I love being up there in the beautiful country. So many childhood memories running around the cemetery, surrounded by the giant, green mountains and fresh air.

Celebrated Poppy's 80th Birthday!!! When talking on the phone the morning of his Birthday he told me "I don't feel 80. I feel like I've got a good twenty more years in me"! I so love him. He also walked two miles in the morning.
(More than I did that day..... man he rocks)

Two sleepy heads. These two could nap together all day.
Celebrated John's Birthday! So happy to be here with family.

Sunday dinner up the canyon. How is it every year I wish we spent more time in the gorgeous mountains. They are truly right in our back yard. So easy to take such things for granted.

Party at the airport for Sam's arrival. Welcome home Elder Earl!

Movie night! Brave.

Another beautiful night in the mountains. This time; Park City. Delicious dinner and dessert at Cows ice cream. Summer nights are the best.