November 6, 2012

Scenes from our weekend

John's idea to vote early on Friday, was sure a good one.
We have friends who have been waiting in line this morning for over three hours already.
With the RNC being here in Tampa, and the endless t.v. commercials,
this election has been very eventful for us. Voting in a swing state is pretty exciting! 
The ultimate reminder of freedom and what it truly means. 
Working on training (again)
Eloise looks so cute and obedient in this picture. 
However, you must know this was right after John chased her clear across the neighborhood field, sweating, out of breath, and yelling "come" 20+ times.
Good thing she is cute!

Hanging at the pool.
This fall I have been really missing and longing for the 'fall' that I am used to. 
Missing the chilly mornings and the deep, red mountain views.
Missing the sidewalks of Central Park covered with a golden blanket of leaves.
Missing my Mama's chili and cornbread. Missing the Sunday canyon drives to stare at the fall color.
So much to miss, but so much to be grateful for here.
There's something about waking up to the sun shining every morning,
staring up at the jungle of palm trees overhead, and being able to hang out at the pool any day.
We are loving this 80 degree November weather!
Cutest little sunbather there ever was.
That.  ruffle.  bum.
I seriously can't handle her cuteness.


  1. love that ruffly suit and your vote pin! cutest little florida fam. i love other friends who live away so i know i'm not the only one missing home, but also loving the adventure! and good thinking voting early..we did the same! xo

  2. You have the cutest dog/baby/life/etc.

    LOVE that photo of eloise!


  3. i love the "vote" pin! i am in need of one now!

    lindsey louise

  4. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Your little one is so adorable, she looks so cute in that suit!!

  5. she's so stinking cute! I just want to cuddle her!!

  6. Oh gosh, what a little cutie! And I think living in a swing state is so incredible! Sometimes living in a state that's already determined makes it feel like your vote doesn't really have a say.
    xo TJ