January 19, 2013

Christmas Eve

Warning~ This will be a major photo overload!
Rosie's first Christmas was just way too much fun. 
As always, it seems the time of year comes and goes in the blink of an eye.
If possible, it seemed to go by even faster this year. 
Every Christmas is a special memory, 
but, I now know a different kind of special, sharing it with my own little one. 
The best ever.

 Playing with Bumpa's train all day and night
Snow-globe making with Mimi and Kimball

Uncle Paul's delicious eggnog drink. Leo loved it!

Hanging around the fireplace, opening stockings and presents. Reading books and playing bingo.
As a little girl I was fascinated with my Poppy's fire on Christmas Eve. It was so huge and so bright. 
The sharp, smokey smell filling the living room with such warmth, I can smell it now.

Matching sheep sweaters for the moms.
(My Grandma Mary's family raised sheep)    Rosie gets plenty of attention from all these cousins. ha!

Always, always a box of Cracker Jack's,
 oranges and books in our stockings from Grandma Mary.
 Old English crackers we all enjoyed popping, and my favorite Santa Claus mug. 
Reminds me of Christmas Eve as a little girl, 
drinking Root beer floats and anxiously awaiting opening presents.
 Looking good in our beautiful paper crowns

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