January 18, 2013

Quarters for Christmas

A very sweet Christmas tradition my Poppy started over 15 years ago. 
All year long he saves up his change (In a GIANT pickle jar) for KSL's Quarters for Christmas. 
100% of the donations from this fundraiser go to local children in need of winter shoes, coats, etc. 
A few days before Christmas he picks up the grandchildren and we all deliver the change together. Followed by lunch of course. Usually a good- ol' fashioned hamburger and cheese fries. 
The older I get, the more grateful I am to be able to participate in such a meaningful tradition. 
I feel so grateful that my Poppy is here with us, that I am able to be home for the holidays, 
and especially glad that we can do something to help others. 
As we set off for the delivery, the sun was shining and the cold chill was in the air. My Poppy stepped out of the car with his perfect felt hat, and the biggest, longest drawstring knapsack filled with change. I mean filled!
So heavy, my sweet cousins Mary and Lizzie had to assist in carrying it. 
While we were attempting to dump the bag of change into the big wooden box,  
a station employee asked us "now, what group are you?"
As we quickly explained our little family tradition and how my Poppy started it many years ago, the man smiled and said "wow, tell me more." We told him how it all started years ago and how our Poppy never misses a year, and how it has become such a special day.  "Can you wait here, I need to tell them about this, this is such a great story. I would love to get it on the radio, and do you mind if we take pictures of you all for the advertising", he said. We all said yes, as Poppy quietly said " ah no, that's ok, we're heading to get some burgers now". Well a few minutes later, the employees were bringing us drinks and taking us back into the studio to do a radio segment for the fundraiser.
Of course, my humble Poppy didn't want to be the one taking credit for all of this. 
When asked how much he has donated over the years he replied, "I don't know, I never count it!"
 (In all honesty, we figured it's about $800-900 dollars a year- that pickle jar is very large folks) 
The radio hosts interviewed us, my brother was a great spokesman. 
They thanked Poppy again, with a final "Also, that's a great looking hat you are wearing." 
We were then on our way to finally get some burgers and fries, oh and root-beer floats of course!

Every time I have a picture taken with my Poppy, he kisses me. 
It's the cutest! 
I love him so


  1. This is the best thing ever ever ever! Love that tradition and love that he got recognized for it. Cutest picture at the end.

  2. Adorable! I call my grandpa Poppy too! What a sweet tradition.