April 26, 2013

Friday Favorites: Household products

Our dishes recently started coming out of the dishwasher with that waxy looking film on them. The first time it happened I thought "hmmmmm.... that's weird" and just ran the cycle again (hoping it would magically fix itself just like any other annoying little household nuisance). I sort of forgot about the issue, until we had our friends over for dinner and as I pulled our glasses from the cupboard saying "they are clean I promise, they were just washed" ha ha! I tried a few different products and 'home mixes' and finally found the Lemi shine. It worked the very best. It is super cheap, easy to use and took care of the problem immediately. A few weeks later while on the daily phone call with my Mama, she mentioned her dishes looking the same way. She tried the Lemi Shine and loved it too. 
She told my Grandma, she then told my aunt, she then called me and said " That stuff is great, you need to share it on your blog." So, here I am sharing it on my blog. 
I have also added a few other favorite household products. 

Method Le Scrub- A very delicate soft scrub, but still scrubs enough to clean away all dirt and grime. 
I use it for many purposes, not just tubs and tile. It gets water spots for sure. 
The eucalyptus mint scent is perfect and it is non-toxic, non-irritating and mostly natural.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day hand soap-  I wash my hands about a million times a day, so they get painfully dry. This soap has aloe vera and olive oil to keep hands soft while cleansing.
 The basil scent is soooooo yummy.

Perfect Glass Cleaner- I found this by accident at Bed Bath and Beyond, and it was a great accidental find! Whenever I go into that store I see hundreds of items that I didn't even know existed, but suddenly they seem "essential" to cooking, cleaning, organizing etc. Like the magic space shoe organizers, or the microwavable bacon cooking tray ha ha!! but really, this glass cleaner is so great!

Arm and Hammer Sensitive Skin + fresh scent- I have really sensitive skin. Most sensitive skin detergents are significantly more expensive. This is the best price and I swear the smell of our laundry has never ever been so strong and lasted so long. 

Dawn Hand Renewal Dish soap- Again- my hands get unbearably dry, and this dish soap makes a big difference. The lavender is my favorite of the three scents.

Last but not least, my favorite home scent:
Arugula candle by Archipelago. 
My Mama gave this to us the last time she visited. 
She started something. Both John and I can't get enough of it. 
He has such an opinion about the candles I burn- they can't be too sweet, too girly, too strong, etc. etc. This one, perfect for everyone!

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