May 24, 2013

Friday Favorites

These sandals from Target are my most recent, comfiest find.
The leather is soft as can be, the sole is perfect and they stay on just right.

30 Day Shred.
Soooooooo, about this. 
I have only been doing this for about a week, so I can't say I became shredded in 30 days, ha!
Being a mom has changed my workout life (or lack thereof) 
I just laugh, thinking of the days in NYC when I would plan my whole day around the classes at the gym, and I spent a few hours in classes, and relaxing in the steam room. -oh those days-
Now, I can never seem to find time to exercise. 
We go on lots and lots of walks everyday, but with the stroller, baby dropping her sippy cup every two steps and the crazy pup, it is not exactly exercise for me. 
Working out at home is my least favorite, but this is what works for me lately. 
(hint: you can find most of them on you tube for free)
It's only 25 min. long. Easy to follow, but still a challenge for sure.
& sometimes I even have little helpers sitting on me while I do the sit-ups. Whatever works!

This discovery is my most favorite of all favorites!!!
Dressing, sauce, marinade,  Oh my! It is unreal.
We were at Whole Foods last week and we sampled this dressing. 
I was sold at first bite!
It is all natural. Gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, deliciousness!
I never buy dressings, I just love fresh homemade dressing, and this is homemade goodness, but pre-made. Sounds almost too good to be true right?
 I have gone through the entire bottle of Soy Ginger in one week.

One more favorite. 
The Larabar- Cashew Cookie.
I am not a big fan of bars.... any kind of bar; protein, fruit, etc. 
I think they usually taste yucky like straight protein powder mixed with chalk and sticky substance.
These are so yummy. Two ingredients. Wham!

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  1. Yes I love Lara bars! But boooo they stopped selling them in the UK :(