June 26, 2013

The guys visit

I've been on a bit of a break from blogging . We had visitors for a couple of weeks and went on a quick getaway to Orlando (where I left my computer in the hotel room upon checkout). 
I finally have it back, and we are getting back to our daily routine. 
Dang! It's hard to have our family go back home. It always takes a few days to recover. 
These two cool cats came to visit us for a week. Rosie loved spending time with "the guys"

We spent some time at the beach. Running in the waves.
Building sand castles with her assistants!
Eating french fries under the umbrella and bossing the guys around, she's quite the diva. 

Bocce ball boys

Man I love this little beach babe of mine!

We celebrated John's Birthday on the beach.
          These two snorkel nerds.    The Florida sun got the best of Will.  We had to spray him with aloe
We went to our first Rays game.

 These cute ladies make up quite the Rays fan club! They tape up their own posters and ring their cowbells the entire nine innings. They were also big fans of miss Rosie. 
They gave her their "world series" bell to keep. I felt bad as we walked away with it 
clenched so tightly in Rosie's little hands, but they insisted.
 Not sure what to think of the good old corn dog? 
I hope she takes after me and my corn dog lovin' ways, so we can share them together.

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