January 30, 2014

Conversation Heart Wreath

I have been wanting to make one of these Valentine wreaths for Rosie's room.
I loooove the colors of the classic conversation hearts. 
This was super easy, and didn't take too long. I did have two little helpers though! 
They just wanted to eat the hearts instead of really help, but they made it that much more fun.
(We are all soo sugar sick from eating so many while we crafted, lol!)

I bought a round Valentine's wreath from the dollar store and trimmed off some of the tinsel.
Wrapped it in a scrap of tulle I already had at home (you could use any fabric) and simply glued the conversation hearts onto the wreath. It took a bit of overlapping and wiggling the hearts.
Easy peasy & so festive.

*Total cost
Wreath -$1.00
Tulle scrap- free (would cost about .70cents)
One bag large conversation hearts $2.29
One bag small conversation hearts $1.00


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