February 27, 2014

Another one of those days.....

Yesterday was one of those days, the days that just own you! 
No matter what you do, silly little things just keep happening and nothing seems to go right. 
Rosebud and I spilled our yogurt breakfast all over the bed 
-guess that's why most people really don't eat breakfast in bed with a baby?!
Nap time has already become a battle at this stage, so I was more than happy when the little miss
 fell asleep in the car. The whole way home from our play group I was thinking about the many things I needed to get done and how perfect it was that she was asleep, planning my valuable time while she napped. Well, I carried her into the house, carefully transferred her to the bed and suddenly..... 
wet doggy kisses right on her face. Eloise couldn't wait to greet us and WAKE UP the baby! grrrrrr. 
I tried and tried to get her back to sleep, no luck. So, about fifteen minutes later there was a diaper explosion on another bed, which led to little toes accidentally kicking over a full glass of water on my nightstand, spilling right onto my phone, journals, books, etc. A pile of clean Q-tips dumped in the toilet, and half a can of steel cut oats spilled all over the kitchen floor. (Couldn't have been the easier to pick up, quick oats), the teeny tiny steel cut oats, I am still feeling them stick to my feet after sweeping five times last night. So, a few hours later, another attempt at a nap...... fail! Toddler tantrum was thrown, kicking hitting, etc. The kind that just leave both baby and mama so upset. I ended up hiding under her bed covers for a few minutes while she rallied the house doing who knows what? I fell asleep for literally 14 minutes and woke up to messes galore. I was so frustrated and really feeling sorry for myself that I live so damn far away from family, that I couldn't call my Mama to come play with Rosie and rescue us, or just drive five minutes to visit one of my sister-in-laws with some pink cookies, etc. I sat there on the bed while the little mess maker threw sparkly pipe cleaners all over her room. She slowly walked over to me, grabbed my face really tight and said "No be sad, how bout sing a song." She then started rocking back and forth singing an assortment of songs all in one, and smiled the whole time. I had an instant smile on my face. How can one little babe make you feel so frustrated and so inadequate as a mom, and a few minutes later, make your heart just melt and smile like never before? These little ones are so special. Being a mom is no joke, but there's also nothing in the world that compares. I can't believe how fast she is growing up. It's so bittersweet. I love spending every single day with her and I can not imagine a better little best friend. She's my everything. 
I am so grateful for those hard days, the ones that remind us we have so much to be thankful for, 
and in reality they are not hard compared to so many others. Gratitude can lift the soul!

I took these photos of her a few days ago as she was playing in her room one morning. 
(Playing and of course watching a show on my phone)
I had been thinking about how crazy fast time flies and how much I love her at this stage. 
She's such a beauty. I will cry when she loses these chubby baby cheeks she still has. 
I could spy on her and watch her for hours on end. She talks so much and can have conversations with me. I seriously want to just squeeze her every second of every day.

*Our comfiest, softest leggings from Our Little Lullaby. 
I am in love with the new spring hummingbird pattern they sell!