February 13, 2014

Little Valentine

A note to my little Valentine. 
It doesn't take just one special day to say,
 my love for you grows with every second in time. 
Your sweet little voice is my favorite sound in the world. 
Your sassy attitude and hilarious laugh could stop any crowd. 
I am literally astonished each and every day at how smart you are
and how you just figure things out on your own. You are one determined and adventurous little girl.
While playing with your little critters today, I over heard you say "so nice meet you guys"
I thought I was going to just about fall to the ground smiling and laughing at the cuteness!!
I wish I could explain how much I love to watch you and see you shine. 
Sometimes when I get lonely, being so far away from home and our loved ones, I get overwhelmed with gratitude that I have you. You're my best little friend, day in and day out. 
We were meant to be together, I have absolutely no doubt. 
I don't know how, but I was lucky enough to be your mommy, 
and you will always be my little Valentine.

  Speaking of love...
Today we received this package bursting with love!
My Mama sure does know how to make us smile. 
Every time we open a package it makes us feel not quite so far from our loved ones back home.
I always smile, and cry for a minute- happy, sad, grateful, and then we all dig into the fun!

Speaking of love again!!
Short but sweet, 
I sure do love this Valentine of mine.