May 1, 2014

A quick visit home

Little miss and I were able to take a quick trip home before our busy spring and arrival of the baby.
It was so much fun to be home, as always. It is a long, exhausting day of travel, but so worth it.
We played in Mimi and Bampa's backyard everyday. That's pretty much all Rosie wanted to do.
She can talk my Dad into taking her outside to play any time she wants. She knows it too.
Playing in my old doll house was so much fun. It snowed while we were there, crazy I know.
We went to Snowbird for a few nights and spent time in the warm pool with the snow falling on our heads. It was awesome! So crazy to be swimming in the snow. Rosie thought it was so awesome.
The first thing she said about the snow is "make a snowman, like Olaf."
I didn't know it was going to be snowing still, so we didn't pack snow clothes. However, we couldn't possibly leave without building a snowman. On the last day, we quickly made a tiny little snowman and she thought it was the greatest ever! Gosh I love her and how simple things can be so joyous!
We played with cousins and visited Grandma & Poppy.
Going home is such a treat for us. We get so spoiled with all the love and attention. It is so hard to live so far away from all our loved ones, the visits become more and more meaningful. The time always flies, but I couldn't be more grateful for the trips, even if they are quick ones. 

We threw a bridal shower for my cousin Maddie. 
It was so good to be with all of the wonderful ladies in my family. I miss them so much. 
I feel so blessed to have them all in my life and grateful to be able to celebrate together.

Flying was a lot more uncomfortable than I expected. 8 months pregnant with a lap child is not exactly a great idea! I didn't think about that enough before ha! Poor Rosie was uncomfortable wiht no room to move on my lap between the tray table, my belly was so sore from being pushed, elbowed, poked, smashed, etc. and the baby was moving around like crazy. 
We LUCKED out and had the whole row to ourselves on our last leg home (the longest leg)
We all loved it!! Rosie is such a great little traveler. She truly makes everyone around us smile. 
After each flight she had a fan club! She entertains and obeys, she doesn't get scared or sad no matter how tired or bored she might be, she's my best travel buddy.