November 25, 2014

Kindness Elves. Jolly & Tinsel

So, I have been so excited for Rosie to be old enough to understand the excitement and magic of Santa Claus, elves, etc. I knew this year was going to be the start  when I was able to successfully bribe her to eat all her peas (or else Santa's elves will tell him) ha ha!

We were shopping a few weeks ago when we came across the Elf on the shelf, I showed it to her explaining what it was etc. "He scares me mom." Was her only reply, accompanied by a half smile/terrified look on her face. I was laughing so hard in the store. Anyways, Seeing that our two year old is one stubborn, persistent, stand her ground- kind of girl, I started thinking it might be best for us to have some elf examples of kindness and calmness for now, ha! I just love this idea of little elves teaching us to be kind. I will definitely still use them to encourage her and bring fun treats, because it is about the magic and fun after all, but the main idea is to fill her smart little big brain with examples of kindness, sharing, love, and service.
I found this amazing example of Kindness Elves here!  Then I went crazy and had so much fun putting together ideas. I was ecstatic when I was at Home Goods and found these two darlings. Little handmade Swedish cuties. I can't wait for the girls to enjoy Jolly and Tinsel, our new Kindness Elves.

Daily notes with a visual picture for little ones (cut outs from magazines)
so simple.