September 14, 2015

Lazy mornings +Nuby sippy cups

Ever since Rosie was born, I became a seriously lazy morning person. She was the champ of sleeping in and I couldn't have been happier about it! We would sleep in until at least 9:30- 10 every morning and wake up to the Florida sunshine. Oh those were such sweet days. Fast forward a few years and little Wynn started crampin' on our morning schedule!! No more sleeping in with her around. Rosie and I still try to stay in bed as long as we can, and we're hanging onto hope that maybe someday we can slowly change the sleeping habits of this little sister......... The good thing is, we all love to relax and snuggle in bed for a good long time once we are awake, regardless of the time. So I'll hang onto these slow, lazy mornings as long as I can, because I know the early morning school days will be here way before I'm ready.

So, today has been lazy lazy lazy, these two have been in and out of every cupboard, drawer, toy box, etc. I just allowed them to do it, I didn't have the energy to stop them. We're still not dressed and its late afternoon, I finally said "quiet time, in the bed right now" it lasted about two minutes. At least I got two minutes! Anything one sister has, the other one must have too. We need two of everything these days. We've been loving these Nuby sippy cups lately. Especially as we try to transition big sis from her nightly bottle to a sippy! 

We've been loving the Nuby, click it insulated, no spill cool sipper (quite a long name right?!)
It's great though, we really haven't had any spills with it, and it has a soft top so the transition from bottle to sippy isn't too tough.  

Cold carrot juice is this girls proffered morning beverage. So strange, I know! But hey she's getting her veggies in and I'm all good with that!