February 11, 2016


 is something so fun to write about because friendship is important to me. I love making new friends. This post with Sandy Alamode and Canary Jane, Two of my "blogging friends" turned into real life friends was so much fun to do.

My sweet Mom and Grandma Mary always taught me about how important it was to be kind and to be friends with everyone, no matter what. At a young age I saw their examples and wanted to be friends with everyone and anyone. I didn't realize how much friendship would mean to me as I got older. Friends can make the world of difference as a teenager and young adult and I was blessed to have many wonderful friends. When I truly learned to appreciate friendship the most was when my husband and I moved far away from home. 

Across the country we went, and it is then I realized what a beautiful and inspiring thing friendship is. In the heat of a Washington D.C. Summer, my sweet friend (who I met just two days before) picked me up on the corner of a really sketchy neighborhood I had somehow gotten myself into by riding the metro in hopes of finding an urgent clinic. Ahhhhhhh!! She got word I was sick and immediately left her job to rescue me. She drove me to an ER where I was treated for a bad kidney infection. She stayed the entire afternoon and evening. Friendship became even more to me that day. She taught me a valuable lesson in that even a brand new (as in we only had met once) friendship is one to cherish and cultivate. She taught me what friendship truly means, putting others first, lifting them up.

As we moved to Florida where we truly only knew one person in the entire state, I found friendships to be the strength I needed to be so far from home and loved ones. These friends became our family and truly lifted me up when I needed it the most. I'm still in awe of the immediate kindness and support we found in new friends in Tampa. The kind of friends who loved our girls like family. The kind of friends who would drop anything to help, the kind of friends who could talk all night long. I cherish those friendships like no other.
I'm so grateful for wonderful friends old and new. In writing this post I have a renewed desire to be a better friend and to reach out to become better friends with new people. There's so much to learn from friendship and the amazing people surrounding us.
I hope to inspire you to reach out to your friends and aspire to making a new friend or two in the next few months.


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