February 1, 2016

The many hats we wear as mothers

I didn't realize until I became a mom myself, how amazing moms really are.I didn't realize I would become an on demand feeding station, all nighter, chef, lego builder, dance partner, singer, nurse, teacher, toy fixer, fashion designer, party planner, hair stylist, chauffeur, motivational speaker, confidence booster, sleepover partner, laundress, prayer warrior and master worrier! WOW!  I really really enjoy meeting other moms and just simply observing how they are with their children, their homes, their jobs, etc. To watch  moms juggle life is so amazing because it teaches me so much. There's  something so inspiring to me how we all mother differently but yet have the same deep reason for everything we do - love- we all just down right love our children so much its hurts.

 As a mother I am learning new things every single day. I can't even count the number of times I go to bed at night thinking "I could be so much better tomorrow" for my children, not for me, but for them. It's a constant learning curve and that's whats so beautiful. Our children love us no matter what. It's the sweetest, most genuinely Christ like quality. They always forgive and move on. Those sweet little ones. 
I have often seen the quote: 

 "There is no way to be a perfect mother, but a million ways to be a good one."

I truly love this. It inspires me to be a better mother each day, yet not be too hard on myself for not being the perfect mother. 

As mothers (especially these days with social media as prevalent as it is) we compare ourselves to each other more and more. We see everyone else doing certain things with their children and we think we are failing if we are not. The crafts, the adventures, the smiles, the vacations, the toys, the immaculate bedrooms, and perfectly made meals, we don't always see the struggles, the messy houses, the sad little faces, the tired mom striving to just make it through the day. We all have our struggles, impatient moments and more.  It's so important to remember that the only thing that matters is that we are doing OUR BEST, being the best mother for our own children. 

It makes me happy to see mothers lifting others. There's truly something to be said for being more understanding and quick to lift other mothers. We're all in this together :)

I am constantly inspired by the moms who take care of sick children, work many jobs, keep a clean house, plan events, serve in the community or church, and are continually making a difference in the world simply by just being the best mother they can be. 
Take a minute today to think about the amazing things you do on a daily basis, the many many aspects of your life and your children's  lives that are only possible because you are doing your best at being the mother.

Take a minute to acknowledge your accomplishments and write down those motherly qualities you are proud of. Keep in mind what you want to work on and what inspires you to be better, but always remember the amazing things you are doing each and every day. The simple every day moments are what matter most and when we focus on building ourselves up, we only become better. 

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  1. Beautiful!! Thank you for uplifting and inspiring all of us mothers in our sacred, critical, rewarding but often-exhausting roles!