March 25, 2016

Sunny Bunny Easter Picnic

My girls and I went to the cutest little Sunny Bunny Picnic hosted by Michelle (The Mumsy Blog) and her little ones. It was so darling, and it was the perfect spring weather. My girls were especially excited about the orange soda with straws. Ha! Its so fun how the little things can get children so excited. It always reminds me to simplify and know that they will most likely love the little things more than the extravagant, time consuming, decorations us moms create, lol!

Some of the cute decor and food. 

 Peeps on a stick! yay!

 I truly feel so grateful to have these moments with my girls. When I look at photos it always makes me so sentimental and such a baby about how grateful I am, because I get a little glimpse, a reminder, of what a wonderful life we have together. It's not perfect, we have our challenges, days, etc. but it's one that I could not be more grateful for. 

My girls dresses are from the talented and sweetest Nicole @ Hum Stitchery

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