April 29, 2016

Casual sporty with Brickyard Buffalo

More and more I find myself at the end of the day still in my sweats or pajamas. For more reasons than one. Some days we don't make it out of the house, so why get dressed? Some days we are in a hurry to get to danc
e class, or run errands, and I run out of the house without getting dressed (well not nude, but dressed as in changing out of pj's). Either way, I am constantly looking for comfy yet cute clothes I can wear around the house and lounge in, yet throw on some shoes and a little lipstick and feel good going out and about. (Sometimes I'm lucky enough to get my teeth brushed before leaving)

I've been living in these Albion Fit Jetsetter pants.
They are so light weight, perfect fit, with a little bit higher waist, and zipper bottoms.
They're super comfy, but they look nice. I usually wear them with a soft t-shirt and sneakers, but I also can't wait to dress them up a bit. They're the best.

I'm a sucker for black and white. Always. Always. I can't ever get enough.
This Addie baseball tee from Brickyard Buffalo is a new favorite. Soft as can be, and cute with pretty much any bottoms. Plus, I love Brickyard Buffalo for finding unique weekly deals.

While in Arizona, shopping with my husband (a total shoe ADDICT, especially sneakers)  he talked me into these Nike shoes, and I am glad he did. I just wasn't sold on the shiny shiny, but he said "you HAVE to get those, they're the coolest" so I guess I had to.... I have to say, I've been wearing them more than I thought I would.

There ya have it, one comfy-casual outfit post.
Enjoy your weekend.


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