June 29, 2016

Two-tti Fruitti Birthday Party.. Second Birthday

Our Wynnie girl turned two a few weeks ago.
For the longest time, when I asked her what she wanted on her cake she would answer "strawberries, and cookies". ha ha! So, I went with the strawberries and created a fun little "Two-tti Fruitti" party.

Like always, I had some last mintue ideas... 
I was threading these lemon and lime slices onto fishing wire right before the party.
They turned out super cute, and super easy. 

The Birthday girl and her pup, trying to get a bite of that cake of course!

 It was a great family party, so much fun with all these cousins. 
Bobbing for apples was a hit. 

She knows whats up. Digging right into her presents!

 The pinata was also a hit! All the kids loved it, and the adults even got really into it too. 
(Zurchers party store has so many darling pinatas)

 This face just kills me. Cutest EVER!!!

 I made Wynnie a fun little cake to decorate, chocolate with whipped cream/buttercream mix frosting. I alway love making my family thir own cakes. I'm no pro, but I love to do it. 
I can't get over these cute little sonny angel dolls. I had to put it on her cake. 
We also LOVE the chantilly cake (below) from Whole Foods. Warning! You will want to eat it all!
Its unreal.

 I made these super easy little fruit tarts. 
You can buy the mini crusts already made,
 just fill with a cream cheese, powdered sugar, and lemon mixture, top with fruit and voila!

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