May 2, 2010

"Bee"Day Boys

The "Bee" Day Boys
My brother Coleman LOVES baseball. I can still remember as a little girl, rallying my pink bike around the baseball parks for hours and watching my big brothers play... game.. after.. game... so much fun! A few weeks ago, we found out the Bees had a home game on May 1st, Coleman's Birthday! So we've been very excited to go..... May 1st sounds like a glorious, sunny, springy, day right?

Utah weather never ceases to amaze!

Coleman (being the die hard sports fan that he is, love that about him) still wanted to go to the game. So, we decided to still go, but dress as if we were headed up to the U for a chilly FALL football game, ha ha. I just had to take a picture of the Snowcapped mountains from the game. This is May!I also had to take a picture of my feet. Ugg boots?..... on May 1st?.......... Usually a "Don't", unless of course, you live in Utah and it is snowing on May 1st, then it is completely justifiable.

We had a BLAST! It was such a great time, and didn't end up being too chilly after all. As you can see, we basically had the whole ball park to ourselves. We were the only ones crazy enough to go. We are all so glad that we still went to the game!! We had such a great time cheering for the team, laughing, dancing to the music, and of course......
Eating these
Pure goodness right here!! Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love hot dogs!! I've always loved them, grilled, from 7-11, top stop, shivers, the fair, really I like them anywhere, but I especially like baseball hot dogs!! There's something about them that just rocks!! (My Dad called the green pepper relish "nuclear" because it was this crazy fluorescent green color ha ha. It did look a tad sketchy, but tasted great!)

Monday is little Kimball Man's Birthday, so this was an awesome DoUbLe Birthday party!!
We caught one of the foul balls, what a fun Birthday surprise. Kimball was so excited! "Bumble", the Bees' mascot, even signed it for him. It was seriously priceless to watch Kimball's face as Bumble signed his baseball. He was so excited, trying not to smile, pinching his lips together to hold it all in, at one point he was totally doing the Zoolander face.... hilarious! Bumble signed "HAPPY BEEDAY" on the baseball. I may be a nerd, but I thought that was so cute and clever.



  1. once upon a time i made a comment about a girl wearing ugg boots when it was Soooo not ugg boot season, hahaha. ever since that time when my husband sees a girl wearing ugg boots when it's not "wet outside" my husband always looks at me and says, "that girl is totally wearing boots and it's not ugg boot season". needless to say- I wore MY ugg boots the other day, because like you said- it's SNOWING, and my husband told me i was not being fashionable! haha! totally justifiable! i agree with you! also- hotdogs are mmmMM! you HAVE to come to provo and try a jdawg sometime! there is nothing better, i promise! :)

  2. Hey girl! Cute blog! I found it through Heather's. You are darling! By the way, I have those same Uggs. Love them!! Hope you are doing well!

  3. Emily! That is such a funny story! So not fashionable... ha ha, but seriously, when it snows in May, you have to wear them!!! I have heard about J dawgs! Where is it? I really want to come try it! Hot dogs are one of my favorite foods! Are you guys down in Provo?

  4. sorry i just saw you commented back! yes j-dawgs is in provo just south east of byu campus and yes, we are in provo as well. we're moving up to slc in august- but we're stuck here for a few more months! ;) hope you're having fun in mexico!!