May 5, 2010

Oh Atlanta

On my way to see Johnny!
John has been in Monterrey, Mexico for 25 days! I have missed him so much, and I can't wait to see him. I still can not figure out why Delta had to fly from SLC to Atlanta, and then to Monterrey ....

Quite the long trip and very out of the way, but Atlanta was a great adventure!

All I can think of in my head is Alison Krauss singing, "Oh Atlanta.... I hear you callin', I'm comin back to you, one fine day" da da da da da.. Such a great song.

Did you know That the Atlanta airport is the BUSIEST airport in the entire WORLD (Passenger traffic and Operations )!!!!

It is unbelievable how big this airport is.

While on the plane to Atlanta, I finally got to see "Dear John".
I Have Been Wanting to see it since it forever and John would not see it with me. He said "It will be another sappy, predictable, love story. Well .... he was Right! It Was sappy, extremely predictable, and a love story, But I LOVED it!

I got so into this movie, I did not realize until i tasted salt on my lips, I had tears just streaming down my face! My headphones were OBVIOUSLY up much too loud, because I could not even hear myself sniffling and literally crying out loud. Ha ha ha! I took my headphones out and noticed about five people staring at me. The flight attendant came to give give us "complimentary" peanuts ... ha ha (more like $ 700.00 peanuts) and I HAD to ask her for 3 napkins to wipe my face and my nose, ha ha.

Anyways, I got off the plane and started haulin to get to the next flight. As I Was getting on the shuttle, on walked a man with two camo suitcases, combat boots on, and a military uniform. Well ..... I'm Sure You Can Guess What Happened? The tears started flowin!! So embarrassing!!!He had no clue why I was crying and I just tried to smile at him, and laugh at what a big baby I am.

So, I finally made it to my terminal, suitcases, two purses, mascara running down my face, sunglasses on (trying to cover),I see one seat, next to a friendly looking woman. I ask if I can sit next her "Yes Ma'am" she says ....

That just made me smile! That accent melts my heart!

Oh Atlanta! What an adventure you were!


  1. Hey Blakely! You are so so sweet! It's so fun keeping up with you through your blog! Have fun in Mexico!

  2. Oh my goodness Blakes I miss you so much! ha That movie is SOOO good! The good thing is that none of those people will see you again! (hopefully)

  3. Marquette! I love keeping up with you as well! Best to you and Luke!!!

  4. Macee! How are you? I was soooo excited to see your comment! I didn't know you had a blog! I must add you to my list! I miss you!!!

  5. Hey girl. Now you have the link to our blog.