May 21, 2010


A few weeks ago, little Kimball man invited us bowling!!
He LOVES to bowl. He is always talking about it, and he's actually really serious about his game!!I want to get him a studly bowling shirt with the pearlish buttons and everything ha ha!

I was being obnoxious and taking action shots of everyone as they bowled. It actually ended up being so much fun and we were all laughing sooooo hard. I got some pretty stellar shots!!
Don't mess with the "Pro". Look at that perfect form, all the way through the finger tips!
I think this one could be my favorite! Ha ha, everytime I look at it I just laugh. My dad looks freaking awesome! Definition of a POWA STANCE!!!
Yoga Bowling?Wow! I'm not really sure what I'm doing here? This explains how a 4 year-old (Kimball) got a higher score than mine...........significantly higher!!!
So stylish, so poised, so smiley, you'd think she won or something............... (She did!) I ran up to quickly get a picture of Kimball rolling his ball down the ramp, another steallar action shot. All the sudden he stopped, pointed his one toe out, threw his hand down on the ground and did this pose! POWA STANCE #2!! (Yes he used this ramp and still beat me!) Mimi and Kimball.
We missed John and Landon! They are not exempt from the action shots though!! Someday I WILL get them!