May 18, 2010

!Picante! !Caliente!

My new favorite food... if that's what you'd like to call it?


When I arrived in Monterrey about 10:30 p.m. This is the first of many AMAZING snacks I tried, (I feel very brave and quite proud of my newly expanded culinary horizon).

The sweet family who John lived with, waited up for me to arrive. They immedietely started making me all their favorite Mexican treats.

I had one bite... I was sold.....forever....

The sweetest mango. Fresh Lime. Tajin seasoning.

I had this at least twice a day while in Mexico. I am still craving it about every hour. I am usually a bit of a wimp when it comes to spicy food. This trip transformed my tastebuds!!

I felt so spoiled while staying in Monterrey. The houskeepers cooked us every single meal. No wonder John absolutely LOVED living there!?

Every morning it was fresh homemade lemonade, eggs (with spicy-ness of course) and tortillas. Lunch was always wonderful as well. These were the best quesadillas I have ever had!! ( Again, with freshly made SpIcY salsa of course) I don't even know why they were so good? I just couldn't stop eating them. "One more?", sweet Angelica would say... "YES" I replied with cheese hanging from my mouth. It wasn't until I had practically inhaled 5 of them that I looked up and noticed her laughing at me. She is the sweetest lady, I am so lucky I got to spend time with her. She also gave me so many yummy Authentic Mexican recipes. Picante style!!

One night we went out to dinner
here. It was an incredible restaurant! They had these huge fire roasted artichokes with the most luscious dipping sauce.
Dinner at La Nacional. It was also Cinqo De Mayo!El Palacio de Hierro. This was the craziest mall! It changes colors all night long.
This is the city of Monterrey. It was really green, with big beautiful mountains. I have to admit, it was nothing like I imagined it to be. John found it hilarious that I was in shock they had a Costco there! ha ha. "What? Home Depot? Carls Jr.? I would say as we drove past. John just laughed as he shook his head the whole time!
John did a climb with some of his co-workers and friends on these mountains. They were about 1,000 feet up, just climbing with one little rope. Too SCARY for me~ John was THRILLED (to say the least) to be working for
Alta Ventures Mexico.
They are such wonderful people. John made some lifetime friends and of course he loved being in Mexico again. I am jealous of his language skills! I am going to learn Spanish someday!!
While in Monterrey I was able to attend a Spanish course, it was really interesting and got me motivated to start. I had a great time running errands with the family we stayed with, and seeing the everyday atmosphere of Monterrey. It was such a great experience. A few pictures of their pretty back yard.

I learned a lot in Monterrey. I also now have some pretty tough taste buds... Bring on the Picante!!!


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  1. I'm so glad you have a blog. It's fun to peek in on your lives. I like the way you write. I wish you guys a fun summer.
    And your mom is awesome! Mowing the lawn this morning in pink slippers!