June 10, 2010

June 10th

I love June 10th.
The entire day is all about John!I sometimes feel like it is impossible to adequetely express how much I love him.
I. Love. Him.
He's such a blessing in my life. His excitement for life and the future, is beyond anything I've known. When he talks about his dreams he gets this look... like he can see them all unfolding right in front of his eyes. This is enchanting to me. He makes me believe that ANYTHING is possible.
I love that.
The Ultimate Optimist. Extreme fun chaser, sun chaser, thrill chaser. Hard workin' man. Diet Coke Devotee, restauraunt aficianado, Utah Utes FANATIC, Chatter Box.... (In a good way:)
Movie theater lover, Crab craving, ESPN adorer.... and I do love him.
I do even love him when he wears his wife-beater tanks and trucker hats!! Which he does often!! What a stud. Happy Birthday John!!

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