June 7, 2010


Happy Birthday to this guy!! My Poppy.

I love this picture of him. It is so "Poppy". He's always got his Cowboy hat. If it's not on his head, it's right there in the back window of his car. Cars, that's another wonderful thing about my Poppy. He loves to go for car rides. Anytime, Anywhere.... He is the best traveling partner because you ALWAYS go the scenic route. It might take a bit longer, and sometimes a lot longer, but those are the moments that I cherish, and always will. With Poppy you truly see the beauty, hear the history, and feel the love.

I remember as a little girl I always wanted to ride with them to St. George. We got to stop as much as we wanted, and we always got to see such "cool" sites. One particular time, he was very fond of the chili at Wendy's.... Every exit we'd quickly scan the signs to see if we could go to Wendy's again! We probably stopped at every Wendy's between SLC and St. George. I loved every minute of it. "Sure" I'd say... I'll have another frosty, as he let me order one after another after another.

Such a stud. I always tell him that he's so stylin' and modish. He's such a Handsome man.
He is also as sharp as they come! He truly knows so much about "everything". Wise, Witty, and Wonderful. Sounds so cliche' but the list could on forever......

Happy 78th Birthday Poppy!!
I am so lucky to have my Poppy, and I truly cherish all the time I get to spend with him.

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