June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

It just makes me smile to think about him.
I learn from him every single day.
He is the ultimate friend! He can carry a conversation
with anyone, and by the end they are a dear friend.
I always tease him about some of his "Top Phrases",
or how he wears tall white socks with shorts, How he
loves peanut butter by the spoonfull at midnight,
how he carries hand sanitizer with him everywhere, but
they are SO him, and I love everything about them!
They make him Dad! He is so sensitive and genuinely caring.
Everyday I hope to be more like him.

I am so grateful to have such a wonderful Father in law.

He is a constant example to John and I. It is very frequent that John refers to important lessons his Dad taught by example.

He is always eager to help someone in need.

He definitely keeps it real by being a jokester and teasing.

I love his jokes and find myself giggling a lot when around him.

I love his lunch dates, and always feel so lucky when he invites us to lunch and to spend time with him.

Happy Fathers Day to the two coolest Dads around.

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