June 24, 2010

Family Fun

Before leaving for DC, John and I were so lucky to spend lots of time with his family.
Cute Charlotte turned 2, and had a darling Hello Kitty party! We had so much fun!
I miss her and her little personality. She is such a sass, with two older brothers just like me!

John HAD to put his Yankees hat on her! Although she makes it look adorable, I told him he will never get a Yankees hat on our children.... ha ha ha

I miss these guys. Joseph and Nathan are the two most adventurous boys I know. They rally on their bikes, climbing trees, etc. They're so entertaining, I seriously laugh the whole time. One night while watching them, we decided to make a "movie theater party" in the basement. They named the theater "Pants on the Ground Theater".

(If you haven't seen this, you have GOT TO watch it )
After this American Idol audition, Larry Platt has been a guest on numerous talk shows performing his hit song! ha ha ha!
These boys love that song, and were singing it all night in our "Theater"! They know every single word and the dance moves to go with it. It was truly hilarious.

Hard Core Harley Girl!!

This is our darling newest niece, Penelope. We were so glad to meet her before leaving for DC. She is soooo adorable. I want to hold her right now. There's nothing like holding a sweet new baby.

I love this picture of Leo! It captures his excitement, his love for Buzz, and of course his contagious smile. I can't get over his dimples.
John and I found these Buzz Light-year goggles and balls, and had to take them to Leo.
He worships Buzz Light-Year. "Buzz, buzz, buzz" he says.

The girls at a movie. (Even little Penny got to come)
I am so grateful for the Bowers. I truly feel like the luckiest girl to have 7 new sister in laws, and the sweetest mother in law. They're such great examples to me, and the most entertaining girls. We have so much fun together. I can't wait to see all of them in August!