July 19, 2010


I am soooooooo dreaming about this
and this
Right about now, I can barely stand the thought of waiting 5 more days!

I have been working 10 hour days for the past 5 days. My feet hurt, eyes are barely open, and our apartment looks like a tornado hit! I am so dreaming!
I am really grateful for the awesome, and always entertaining co-workers, who make the 10 hour days fly by! The sweet girls who ride home on the metro with me every night. We have some good times in those metro stations ha ha!

I'm still dreaming about it......

I am so grateful for John and his happy attitude. When life gets so busy and hectic, he always reminds me that it is never "too" much. I will say it once again, his optimism inspires me!!!

DC is such an amazing place, I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here.

P.s. We had such a wonderful week with John's parents here visiting.... pictures to come.

P.s.s. Just watching Regis and Kelly as I type this post, and Enrique Iglesias is singing his new song, "I like it". Well, I don't like it!! He is totally letting me down. It is nowhere near the quality of this song Ha ha ha!! My all time favorite song to workout to. Anyways, his comeback isn't such a great idea!!

Off to another day at work.

Still dreaming......

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  1. Blakes, you guys are so dang cute! Glad you are having such a good time back in DC! Wish we could come visit you guys!