August 9, 2010

A Capital 4th

"Where liberty dwells, there is my country"
- Benjamin Franklin

Picnic on the Capital lawn. Waiting 5 hours in the heat and humidity doesn't seem so bad when you have a delicious picnic, and wonderful company.

After we stopped at McDonald's to get our yummy oatmeal. (Yes McDonald's now has oatmeal) It is unreal. Thanks to our dear friends for introducing it to us. Fruit and walnut oatmeal, it's just heavenly. We were already running late for the parade, So, Rob and John dropped us girls off on the corner of the parade, "Get us a good spot, don't dissapoint" they said to us as they pullled away. We just laughed as we pushed through the crowd. McDonald's bag in one hand, blankets and treats in the other, we pushed through the crowds to get a good "spot". It was a miracle, we walked right upon a little square of grass right on Constitution Ave, perfect size for our blankets, and in the SHADE!!! We were soooo excited. Needless to say, we didn't dissapoint. There we watched the parade and ate popcicles, it was a wonderful day.

A Capital 4th.
As the program began, I looked around at the atmosphere and couldn't help but tear up. It was a beautiful sight. The glistening sun setting on the white Capital, American flags flying, National Anthem playing, and thousands of people with hands over thier hearts. It touched me.

The National Mall for the Capital 4th. I was so amazed when I saw this. Seriously a sea of people, from the Capital to the Washington Monument, (about 1.5 miles) the grass is completely covered.
I couldn't get enough of the decorations. Every building was just covered in red white and blue.

This was too precious, this little girl waved her flag for about 2 hours straight. I had to get a picture.
I cannot express my gratitude for this Country and our freedom. Simply wonderful!

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