August 11, 2010

Bowers Visit DC

We had a wonderful visit from Doug and Linda.
The riverwalk in Georgetown.
We went to the Air and Space Museum. John was in heaven. He loved looking at all the airplanes, and was especially interested in this one. John's Grandpa Funk was a Bombedier in WWII. He is such an amazing man, and we both look up to him so much. It was neat to hear about the planes and history behind them.
U.S. Botanical Gardens.

Linda and I woke up a bit earlier one day. We were feeling very ambitious and decided to walk from our place to the WWII Memorial, to the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial, to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, to the Fish Market (Where John and Doug were anxiously waiting to eat their crab). Sounds like a LOT of walking right? Well, we were both dripping sweat, laughing a lot, and moving at the pace of snails by the time we made it home. It was so worth it though!
One of our many "breaks" along the long walk, we spotted this little guy. For some silly reason, I brought a bag of cinnamon toast crucnch cereal in my purse. Exhausted, we decided to take a little break for a few minutes and pull out the cereal. This little guy came running immedietely. He loves cinnamon toast crunch too! He would literally walk up to linda as she layed the cereal right near her palm. Some good entertainment as we rested.

WWII Memorial

Summer storms. Two grown men sharing an umbrella. Mary Poppins esque

Doug bought a 10lb box of crab, and carried it back to our place where we sat on the floor and cracked crab shells, dipped in butter, and thouroughly enjoyed!

We had such a wonderful week. Doug was such a good sport, sleeping on a blowup mattress that refused to stay pumped up all night, and linda on the couch. We toured the Museum of Natural History, saw the hope diamond and awwed at the incredible gems and minerals. We also saw the Hubble 3D film. It was incredible. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly reccomend it. It is one of the most fascinating movies I've ever seen. I am so grateful to have seen it. We are so lucky that these two came ot visit, and can't wait to see them soon!!

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