September 24, 2010

A very "Mary" visit

My cousin Mary came to visit us in DC, right before we came home for the Summer. It was quite a PARTY! I had the week off work, so Mary and I rallied around the city for days.
We first went to the National Art Gallery, where we found our boy MJ.

(Here we encountered a life long MJ fan, who came from across the country just to see this painting. He could quote every song, interview, or phrase. He threw his sunglasses in the air and shouted when he saw the painting. This guy was serious!!! I wish we got a picture with him. He made us laugh so hard.) Yo Yo Ma.
(Shout out to our Grandman Mary, a big fan)

Katharine Hepburn's Academy Awards. See how they've changed through the years.
The first one was awarded to her in 1933.
We walked over to the White House. It was President Obama's Birthday. We were hoping if we waited outside the gates long enough, we just might get invited in for some cake and ice cream?

We went to the National Harbor one night. The Harbor is beautiful at night. The way the water lights up from the combination of the moon and the city across the way, magnificent!! We ate at "Ketchup", (Ashton Kutcher's Restaraunt).
Fun place to dine, but rahter over priced for the TEN different flavors of ketchup to dip your fries in.

The National Cathedral
The stained glass was so neat.

It was the most beautiful day. The temperature was perfect, the sky was blue, and the sun was lightlty shinning.
Out of nowhere, it started to pour rain. (A fairly common reoccurence this summer)
We had just started walking back to the bus, and had to turn around and run for cover.

It was the most peaceful, invigorating, sight. The rain poured down for over an hour, as we watched from the most beautiful place of shelter. With nowhere to be all day, we gazed in the calm, quiet, courtyard as the rain transformed the scene into a sparkling wonder.
We laughed, talked, stared at the scene, and talked some more. It was so beautiful. We had the entire day to be "stuck" here. We took some silly glamour shots, and giggled the day away.

What we call an underground dance party!
As the train came rushing by,we tried to catch the Metro behind us... soooo close, but we missed it by about 1 second.

The best dessert in D.C.
The three of us took all of these down..
They are known for their famous Bannana Split.(left)
It truly is legit!

Another glorious night in D.C.

Two of many tries to capture all three of us jumping.
We must be really bad at timing, because we seriously tried about 20 times and never got one!
We did have so much fun doing it though!
One of my favorite pictures

Miss this place.....
Arcade Fire Concert

I'll let you decide why we HAD to take this picture of the guy standing near us........

As I said, it was a very, "Mary" visit.

I am so grateful for Mary, she is a great friend, and an amazing cousin. Our week was filled with smiles and laughter. She has the most subtle, hilarious, sense of humor. I wish we could have recorded all our times on the Metro, walking in the heat, cruisin in the car with Rob and Whit, listening to the most random music. It would surely be a sound to pull out and listen to for many years. I would cherish it!!Love you Mary.

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  1. Blakes and John your the sweetest! thanks for letting me come it was just what i needed to fix my summer! You two are the best i love you so much! we will have to do it again next summer! and the year after that.. and that.. <3