September 30, 2010

The Back Porch

This afternoon, the back porch became the scene of a whimsical reverie.
My favorite turkey sandwich lunch , sunshine, tollhouse pie, good conversation, and beloved sisters. Bliss.

Barefoot, I sat on the porch in the most ideal situation; under the shade, with sunshine dancing across my face, creating the most perfect temperature.

The most precious little ones strolling through the green grass to deliver my Birthday presents they so thoughtfully picked out. Surrounded by their little hands, contagious smiles, and gentle hearts, I couldn't help but beam.

With nowhere to be but here, the early afternoon swiftly faded into the early evening. The season's rusty hue painted a beautiful picture. A picture I wanted to hold onto for much longer.

A simple reminder. An afternoon on the back porch.

I am so lucky to finally have sisters. Thank you for a wonderful day.