November 23, 2010


We spent our fall break up at Sundance. The leaves were breathtaking. I seriously could have sat outside all week, staring at them. In fact, we did spend the majority of one day sitting in the back of the truck with a blanket, parked in the heart of the beautiful mountain. While John napped, I stared and stared at the backdrop surrounding us.  It was just as spectacular even after gazing for hours. 
Riding the lift to the top of the ski resort. ( Of course we couldn't ride without a treat, it's hard to smile with caramel in your mouth.)

Looked down at his little leg and saw this. Yeeah!! So cool. Done during school though...ha ha!

Photo booth fun. 

Britnie and Chris came up to stay for a night. Brit and I rode in the back of the truck, catching some rays, while these two rallied the mountain. We were laughing so hard at the two "explorers".  Leaning down, out the windows the whole afternoon, we probably drove the entire mountain twice. Totally in their element. 

So domestic
Sundance Stables

Our hike to Cascade Falls. 

John climbed up the face of the waterfall. I watched, and naturally told him about 10 times that it wasn't a safe idea. Much to my dismay...... This is the view from the top. 

I am still thinking about these brilliant colors. 

It was nice to relax for a whole week, and probably the last "whole week" of relaxing  we'll have in a very long time. Settling in such a picturesque place, with nothing to do was delightful. 

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  1. Blakes - what a beautiful getaway, those pictures are phenomenal. And you are such a fashionista! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your boots in the picture fourth from the bottom - please share where you got those. And we can we PLEASE hang out with you guys soon. We don't have any plans this friday night do you guys? Give us a call! It has been too long!