November 19, 2010

Top It

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. It has been a week chock-full of unpleasant exams and projects at school. It's about this time every semester when I feel like checking out.....
So tonight after I fisnished my last exam for the week (at 9p.m.) I walked to my car in the cold, dark night, and headed straight to Top It. Nothing that a good ol' cup of yogurt topped with almonds, berries, and coconut, can't fix. Until mid December when finals are over, this will have to be my fix. They even had pink cups tonight! Loved it!!

I also forgot to mention something that I am grateful for today. Ironic as it sounds, I am very grateful to be able to attend college. As irkesome as it may be some days, I do love learning at school. I am constantly reminded of how blessed I am to be learning, not just writing and journalism, but also about life. I also must say, I am grateful to be at this school, not the one that shall not be named........ about 30 miles south... just sayin


  1. I think that that is just the kind of fix I have been missing in my life. Dairy Godmother tonight?

    See you soon!

    (go utes!)

  2. Oh, now I am jealous just thinking about Dairy Godmother!!! Remember how upset John was when they didn't give him the Tollhouse flavor ha ha ha! Quality times. Love you!