November 15, 2010

"We are always the same age inside"

We are always the same age inside
- Gertrude Stein
Yesterday was my Grandma Mary's Birthday. She is one AWESOME woman.  I gave her a card with this quote on it. It couldn't fit more perfectly. She truly is the youngest 79 year-old I know. She is just as spunky, energetic, fun, and entertaining as always! I feel very fortunate to have spent the day with her.  We had quality entertainment provided by Mr. Kimball, which consisted of singing, smiling, waving, and a bit of acting, followed by a yummy dinner and scrumptious cupcakes. A beautiful day to celebrate the Birthday of someone so special. 

She is quite the lady. I love how she always checks in with us when we are traveling on the road, making sure we drive safe and wear our seat belts. The way she can talk on the phone for hours and always listens with such interest. Wherever we go, I turn around and she has made friends with the store employee, the manager, and five customers. They all chat with her, as they laugh and smile. She truly makes everyone feel important and loved.  She's always been all about kindness. She has definitely taught me to try to be kind ALWAYS and to everyone, regardless of the circumstance.  I hope I can always remember to stay young, just like her. 
Love you Grandma Mary.