November 7, 2010


I love Halloween. I can't decide what I love more, dressing up, or the treats? 
I love them both equally and a bit TOO much. 

"Chocolate kisses and ice cream wishes. 
Lemon drops and soda pops. 
Jelly beans and sugar-filled dreams. 
Lollipops and candy shops.
Sugar is yummy in every way, 
and adds to my sweetness every day!"
The hunter and the deer. (Quite a nappy looking hunter)
The little leopard, Batman, two spooky skeletons, and a blood sucking vampire.
The two beautiful leopards

We had such a fun Halloween party at the Bowers. Warm chili, coloring, lots of pictures, and of course TREATS. 

Us with the bushy eye browed doctors ha ha
Little Red Riding Hood and the Jimmy Buffet fan."Parrothead"
Rad Halloween party at Eric and Danielle's house. Roller derby King with The Madhatter
Roller derby champs with Alice and The Madhatter
Roller derby Queen, Alice, Sailor, and biker chick. 
John competing on the wii, in his roller skates. I'll admit, he wasted me at this game. He played everyone, and ended up being the champ.  (Notice "Antoine" on the couch? Probably the best costume I saw this year.... Too funny. If you haven't seen this yet, it's a good laugh.
We had a very "sweet" Halloween week. 
Partying with friends, frosting cookies, enjoying more yummy chili at my parents house, and running in the rain while trick-or-treating with Kimball, make for wonderful memories. 

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