December 6, 2010

Who am I sir?

First game of the 2010 season

Crazy Utah fans

This year pumpkin carving was serious business for John. 

The soggy, wet, coldest game of the season...... of many seasons maybe? It was cold!
Even John wanted to leave this game early, which NEVER happens. 
I do know that my Dad stayed in the rain until the very last minute of this game. His motto "It's never okay to leave a Utah game early".
ESPN College Game Day
5 a.m. Cheering in the jet-black morning. 
Even though we lost, this is still one of my favorite posters. 
Kirk Herbstreit 
Erin Andrews
Lee Corso- My favorite. Seriously so nice, friendly and complimentary of his visit to Utah. 
 I really  did want to re-do his face makeup for the show though, just a little less thick. 
K-man in his new helmet
Utah Mama.
It was a tough game to watch.  Torture, actually. However, we STILL revere the Utes and ALWAYS will. 
View from the bottom of the MUSS 
 Utah girls
I must admit, I was extremely jealous at first, and maybe still a tiny bit, the boys took a trip to see the Utes play at Notre Dame.  
Top of The Sears Tower
Tailgating. The boys say the Notre Dame fans are exceptionally nice and welcoming. 

They certainly LOVED the Notre Dame campus. It was fun to hear them relay their stories and talk about the incredible experience there. Thank you, thank you, dad. 
Sure enough, they visited many a restaurants in the city.  

Utah 17. BYU 16. 
Love it!

We had some pretty awesome/memorable encounters with some BYU fans at this game. What a crack up this rivalry is, thanks to fans from both teams.

Ever since I can remember, my brothers and Dad were constantly talking about this rivalry. 
Up until I was about 7 years-old, I truly believed what they had told me "If you look at that big Y on the mountain, you'll go blind". Seriously, I remember driving past Provo and being so tempted to look at it, and then always covering my eyes saying "EEEEEW BYU" as we passed. 
The rivalry lives on.
 Who am I, sir? A Utah Man am I. A Utah Man, sir, and will be 'til I die; Ki-yi! 
(Or a Utah woman ha ha)


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