January 17, 2011


Golden Globes, 3D
Rob and Whitney got a new 3D t.v. Just in time for the Golden Globes right? ha!
We had a fun night watching, eating ice cream, and of course critiquing the fashion.

The good, the bad, and the really bad....

I like both of these ladies. A lot. I just can't like either of the dresses.
Less is definitely not more in this case. That neck line is really really bad, no matter how hot you are, and you've gotta decide short or long? not both?

Weird and Gross!
This pic is a bit small to tell but, you can see right through the top of Hayden's dress, showing her flower shaped breast pedal. Sick!
Her: Yikes! Wrong! Just straight up wrong.
Him: polka dots do not belong on a suit coat.
(nor does shiny-ness)

Classic. Black, fabric, bow tie.
Sophisticated skinny tie, not too skinny.

This was pretty funny. Brad Pitt wears a clip on bow tie.
Clip on bow ties for little boys!
Even John (Who "doesn't care about celebrities") was laughing at this.

Beautiful dress, and simple side pony. Love the green,love the long sleeves, love the look!

Probably my favorite of all. Scarlett's dress is perfect; the color, the style, the flowing sleeves.
Simple is best.

Again, love this elegant color or lack thereof.
Beautiful black dress.
These two make me smile for a few reasons.
A- the forest green color is amazing on her.
B- He is such a champ!!
Natalie Portman:
Beautiful fit. The style couldn't be better, and she looks stunning to say the least.
(I just don't love the pink/red combo unless it's Valentines Day, of course)

Too bad I haven't even seen the Social Network or Black Swan, both of which dominated last night. Maybe if it didn't cost $30.00 for the two of us to go to a movie here in NYC........ maybe.

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