January 13, 2011

{Peace & Joy}

Who's the one we need to thank
Who's the party for
Who's the one responsible for all this peace and joy
Who deserves the credit for the blessings we enjoy
Preacher said last Sunday it was Joesph and Mary's boy

Christmas Eve nativity scene. Seriously entertaining. Between Mary's head scarf getting tangled around her body, the wise man using his staff as a magic wand, and baby Jesus with a binky, it was quite entertaining. Seriously the best! As I listened to the narration, I couldn't help but smile and feel the Peace & Joy.

The winter castle cake I made for dessert.
Cutest elf I've ever seen.

Christmas Eve at Grandma Mary and Poppy's.
I have spent every single Christmas Eve in this cozy, sparkling, and magical room.
As a little girl, I counted down the days until Christmas Eve, when I could sit by the real wood burning fire and help my Poppy throw in all the beautiful wrappings. That smell of a fire so close, dinner in the kitchen, root beer floats in the glossy white Santa Claus mugs, and freshly peeled oranges, I'll never forget.
The pickle ornament always hidden somewhere in the tree, sneaking a peek to be the first to see.
Grandma handing out our stockings with a grin, new gloves, many many treasures, and of course a box of Cracker Jacks!!
We spent Christmas Day at my parents house. It was so relaxing. The traditional Christmas breakfast, I am dreaming about it right now. Cinnamon knots, eggzicke, cheese dip, and OJ.
Opening gifts, meeting Abbie in the middle of the street between our houses, just like every childhood Christmas. Homemade pineapple sauce for the ham, Fernwood mints, and napping on the couch together, delightful.

Christmas night dance party. Kimball and I love a good dance party. Lights out, sparkling tree, and the fire, we sang and danced the night away. "Thistle Hair the Christmas Bear" our family song. Admitting, we know all the words and sang along as we giggled. Visiting Grammie and Grandpa Funk.

Christmas cheer!

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  1. Blakes! Looks like you have a great family and extended family! I hope you are doing well and having lots of fun... it looks like you are! Love ya girl!